Lord Neil Gibson

Lord Neil Gibson

The Who And The Why

Lord Neil Gibson has been under attack on the internet for several years, the attackers using this medium for their purposes of slandering his reputation and making it difficult for him to do business. The main reason that this is the medium of choice is that it is free to use, and it is a common source of research into a person’s affairs and business dealings. The attackers realized that Lord Neil Gibson creates partnerships which provide him the ability to secure specific services or expertise that can be drawn upon when necessary. His business partnerships are the life’s blood of his businesses, and without these trusted partnerships it would be very difficult for him to secure the specific services that are necessary within the wide range of services that his businesses offer. When a person is considering doing business with someone else, one of the very first steps they will generally take is Googling the name of that person in order to see what is online about them. The attackers have positioned falsehoods online that are tied to Lord Gibson’s name, thus making these stories available when someone searches for him. The stories are falsehoods that are mixed with the truth in order to appear as though they are official stories and facts, when in reality they make Gibson appear less than trustworthy. This attack is powerful in making some people doubt Gibson’s reputation, and potentially choose to not become involved in partnerships with him.

The who and the why.

The obvious question is “who is doing this and why?” This is answered by going back in time three years in order to look at a business relationship gone sour between Gibson and another individual. This relationship was a loosely structured partnership involving the rights to a gold speculation business, and was quickly realized by Gibson to be fraudulent. When Gibson distanced himself from this person, they went on the attack by creating falsehoods about him and distributing them across a series of websites. These posts were also linked to by several “conspiracy theory” websites which are heavily visited by people who believe there is corruption in the world. The original websites and posts of the attacker were deemed slanderous and false by a California court decision, and the attacker complied with the decision by removing the slanderous posts from his websites. Unfortunately, the conspiracy theory websites believed there was a coverup of information and began to circulate clones of the original postings (an illegal activity since the information was ordered removed as slanderous) and redistribute it through multiple replicants across numerous sites. The patrons of these sites then linked to these posts or redistributed them themselves, creating a situation where the posts now sit on websites that come up in high positions on search engines for searches for Gibson’s name while not being able to be tied directly to the original author and thus regulated by the court order.

Lord Neil Gibson urges those researching his business or personal dealings to only trust official sources of information.

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