Lord Neil Gibson

Lord Neil Gibson

Lord Neil Gibson’s Attackers

Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson is an international businessman who has spent more than twenty years involved in both development and financing projects all over the globe. These projects have helped many people who were previously unable to lift themselves out of financial squalor due to a lack of access to employment opportunities in their local areas. In many cases this involved the identification of natural resources within poor areas of a country, then installing the infrastructure elements that were necessary to both harvest and process those natural resources as well as move the local population close enough to those resources to be able to be utilized as paid labor for the work they perform. In order to create a situation where a culture of people are able to sustain themselves there must first be a product they can sell to others, then there must be the ability to harvest and process that product. Natural resources are one of the most obvious products that underdeveloped areas have access to but an inability to use for their own benefit, as many times the local governments do not have the ability to install the necessary components to make the process happen. Gibson has developed a unique process of putting together inclusive plans that range from installation of the basic necessities of the process to the sharing of the wealth that is ultimately generated. These plans are presented to the local governing officials in order to illustrate the possibilities, as well as potential partners who are interested in investing in the future wealth that can be generated. These partnership programs are Neil Gibson’s business, and bringing the necessary partners to the table is how it is accomplished.

Attackers have targeted Lord Neil Gibson over the last two years due to rivalries in business, as well as conspiracy theories that circulate online. Gibson himself is the target of these attacks, which attempt to defame his character in order to cause potential investors to reconsider doing business with him or his companies. The attackers realize that without these partnerships which are built essentially on trust, Gibson has a much more difficult time achieving the goals put forth in his plans. The attacks come through an exploitation of search engines and the weaknesses they have with regards to presenting information. Through simply using Gibson’s name within the content then linking it to numerous other websites, the search engines are tricked into believing the information is important and factual. They then present these results in their list when a researcher looking for information on Gibson searches for his name. Even though they are completely without factual basis, the attacks capitalize on the fact that most people never actually go to the article, choosing instead to simply read the title and description that is presented on the search engine.

This is unfortunate because many who would do business with Gibson under any other circumstances may be potentially swayed and choose to pass as a result of complete inaccuracies, instead of doing more research to find out the truth. Lord Neil Gibson encourages all who are researching him to trust only official news sources.

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