Lord Neil Gibson

Lord Neil Gibson

Lord Neil Gibson Urges Use Of Official Sources

There are multiple websites online that supposedly share news and information about Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson, several of which appear in Google’s result when the name is searched for. This is an unfortunate situation due to the fact that several of these supposed sources of information are not only inaccurate, but expressly false with regards to the information they put forth. This is being purported specifically to harm the reputation of Mr. Gibson and effect his ability to create trusted connections that are utilized in various capacities within his business activities. While there is nearly no way to actually stop these sources from publishing information about Mr. Gibson, the fact of the matter is that they purposely mix truthful statements with falsehoods in order to appear as though they are credible. In many circumstances they will farm information from the official Gibson websites and repost it throughout their own, in an attempt to have search engines attribute the true information to them. This will provide them with the ability to show up higher positioned on searches for Mr. Gibson’s name, and as such allow them to mix falsehoods into their content and appear legitimate. The only goal is to have researchers doubt the integrity of Lord Neil, and to those who do not read past the headline and description presented on Google, it appears as though there are numerous negative stories surrounding him. Unfortunately these are not true, and potentially are believed by those researching his activities. If these false sources can cause a situation where a person doubts if they should engage in business with Mr. Gibson, then the attack has succeeded.

Why would these websites attack Lord Neil Gibson? The answer is simple, business interests. Mr. Gibson has done business with thousands of people over the years, and in some situations these individuals engaged in business practices that Mr. Gibson was not comfortable with. In some cases, he distanced himself from them costing them the financing they needed for their projects. In some cases he actually had to report them to authorities and the courts in order to stop their illegal activities before harm was done to innocent people. In response to these actions, several of the past associates of Mr. Gibson have chosen to enact revenge by attempting to slander him and hinder his ability to form partnerships. Mr. Gibson asks that researchers consider the sources of information that is presented about him before believing it to be true.

Several “conspiracy theory” websites have locked on to the stories that were circulated about Mr. Gibson previous to his receiving a court order for the slanderer to cease publishing. These websites have since taken the information that was on these websites and redistributed it into new places where it is then shared by other conspiracy theorists as information that is being suppressed. This makes the stories continue to crop up time and time again even though they have been proven false and court ordered to be removed. Although the original author is no longer behind the slander, an entire new group has now joined together to further the lies. Lord Neil Gibson requests that researchers use only official websites for information at this time.

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