Lord Neil Gibson

Lord Neil Gibson

Lord Neil Gibson Travels To Dubai and Rome

Lord Neil Gibson

As part of ongoing negotiations with officials in Dubai to bring the development plans presented earlier this month closer to fruition, Lord Neil Gibson has returned to Dubai and further moved forward with signed strategic partnerships with ADP (Asian Development Professionals.) Gibson has been involved in a strategic capacity in order to further move forward with the goals of improvements to education, health and infrastructure in the area. These exciting opportunities for Mr. Gibson and his strategic business partners to become more closely involved in the modernization of the targeted areas in Dubai as well as other countries is viewed with great opportunity for all parties involved. Mr. Gibson’s past endeavors in other countries on projects involving much the same strategies are viewed as a favorable asset to the project.

In addition to the Dubai developments, Mr. Gibson also traveled to Istanbul Turkey, where he observed and photographed antiquities including Medusa within a cavern that was used as a set in the James Bond Movie “From Russia With Love.” Additional stops on the trip included Rome and The Vatican, where Mr. Gibson was invited so see places that are not allowed to the general public, and where he met Pope Francis.













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