Lord Neil Gibson

Lord Neil Gibson

Lord Neil Gibson meets US Ambassador, Michael Corbin, to create positive change

Lord Neil B Gibson

In November of 2016, Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson, one of the UK’s most successful entrepreneurs met with Michael Corbin, the United States Ambassador to the United Arab Emirates, to discuss more ways to positive change in the sustainability world and talk about the current state of businesses in the country.
Lord Neil B. Gibson who owns diverse businesses spanning industries such as mining, real estate and asset management, is always in the news for his entrepreneurial and social philanthropic initiatives that seek to empower citizens and communities for a sustainable future. A fine example is his non-profit organisation, Seed Foundation, which Works across countries and continents, utilising green energy technology, ecological building techniques and human-scale design to reduce dependency on natural resources, facilitate self-reliance and improve the quality of life for people worldwide.
“At the frontlines of combining philanthropic and investment capital for impact enterprise, The Seed Foundation has pioneered the address of some of the most intractable problems in countries such as Africa. For instance, via the Seed Foundation, we have proposed an economic and environmental reform to include the delivery of an efficient and clean water supply, renewable energy, low cost housing, revitalization of hospitals as well as the implementation of additional schooling for the benefit of the Moroccan people. Why? Because Morocco is the only North African country with no natural oil resources and is the largest energy importer in the region with 96 percent of its energy needs being sourced externally.”
Meeting with US ambassador, Michael Corbin
In Lord Neil Gibson’s words, “Meeting Michael Corbin was fantastic. We had some really constructive conversations about combining philanthropic and investment capital for impact enterprise and how corporates can address some of the world’s most intractable problems by creating new business models that build impact into the bottom line. America is at a really interesting phase in its political and economic history and at a time when more is needed than ever before to build sustainable models in every industry: from food to manufacturing.”
Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson further added, “We talked about how we need to nurture and support more entrepreneurs who have the imagination and potential to explore new kinds of business models so that we can help well-funded corporate and individual investors discover new avenues for innovation and meaning. To do so, we need to make this cultural and strategic shift of understanding that entrepreneurial philanthropy is not only about supporting the most popular charity that is backing a social issue you care about. It is a frame of mind that constantly seeks opportunities to build and sustain the intended impact through informed understanding of the economics and social aspect of philanthropy.”
Gearing up for 2017
Quoting Lord Neil Gibson, “As 2016 almost draws to a close, we are beginning to look out for more people who understand our ideas and want to build on them. Chatting with Michael Corbin really opened my mind to the infinite possibilities for social change and creating a world where everyone can enjoy the essentials of life.”

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