Lord Neil Gibson

Lord Neil Gibson

Lord Neil Gibson IBOE

Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson is an international businessman based in Las Vegas who has made his legacy by structuring international finance and development deals with partners throughout the globe. While the actual specifics of each project over Gibson’s long career in international finance have varied, the general aspect that remains relatively consistent is the desire to marry both profits and philanthropy together. While Gibson seeks profits for his companies as well as his strategic partners, he is also driven by the desire to help less fortunate populations through projects that can benefit underserved populations. By creating strategic partnerships that provide both experience and knowledge as well as access to investment capital, Gibson puts teams together in order to achieve goals that are not possible when attempted by a single entity. Examples of this type of project management is evident in his Belize, Dubai and Africa interests, where the ultimate goal is to create a system that will allow for the processing and export of natural resources in the areas. These resources, although known to exist, remain unexploited due to a lack of existing infrastructure within the area itself. What this means is that populations of people are literally sitting on top of goldmines that could make them wealthy through processing activities, but they remain unexploited due to the lack of existing roads, schools, housing, medical facilities and other basic infrastructure. Although the areas could easily become financial powerhouses if they could get the infrastructure for export into place, the local governments will generally lack the funding necessary in order to make the projects move forward. If the funding is available, many times the expertise or access to foreign companies who could facilitate the work is lacking. This is where Neil Gibson steps in, to bridge the communication gaps between local governmental bodies and foreign investment companies, set a plan into motion and finish the project through cooperation of all entities involved. While these processes generally take a long time, the payoff in the end is worth the wait to investors, who then retain a stake in the ongoing exports.

Neil Gibson himself is heavily involved in international financing, and is sometimes tied to the term “IBOE” mistakenly. International Bills of Exchange are a payment method that is utilized as a way of transferring funds, however Mr. Gibson is not directly involved in IBOE structures. Gibson is instead the facilitator of partnerships that involve financing for a purpose, whether that purpose is a development project or a financial investment of some kind. The actual IBOE process itself is not the basis of Mr Gibson’s efforts, and instead it may simply be used as a method of moving finances from one entity to another in order to fund a project that his companies are coordinating. While the IBOE world is one that involves strict regulation and rules, Mr. Gibson’s involvement in these issues is only as a utilizer, not as the one actually creating the IBOE.

Lord Neil Gibson and his partner companies operate from Las Vegas NV on an international scope.

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