Lord Neil Gibson

Lord Neil Gibson

Lord Neil Gibson Building New Alliances

Popular figures will always take the most attacks from the uninformed, or those with an agenda that does not align with their own.  For whatever reason, Lord Neil Gibson has once again come under attack by a person named Drake Bailey who runs a series of shadowy and bad intentioned websites from his Chicago home.  Mr. Bailey is obviously delusional and believes that information that he has found through a series of websites that were removed from the internet by the California court system over a year ago due to their spreading falsified information regarding Mr. Gibson are clues that there is a conspiracy theory going on involving Mr. Gibson and the United States government.  In an attempt to circumvent the law and the court orders which caused the original websites to be removed form online spaces, Mr. Bailey has rehashed the old information from these websites and posted it into new areas under his control.  While this is obviously illegal activity, Mr. Bailey remains at large at this point, continuing his distribution of falsified information.

While the attacks continue to come from unimportant people who are looking for their own small measure of fame, Lord Neil Gibson continues his work building foreign relations with investors and leaders in several countries which have been open to the types of development that Mr. Gibson has had such success with in the past.  Building on the tremendous successes in areas like Belize and Central Africa, where Gibson’s projects created necessary infrastructure in the forms of roads, schools, hospitals and affordable housing in the form of re-purposed shipping containers, Gibson is now in discussions with areas in the Middle East like Morocco.  In these types of areas, we see a general population in remote areas which have been passed by in the economic progress of the country, having no ability to actually profit from the natural resources right below their feet due to a lacking infrastructure, work force and access to crucial elements of development.  Gibson’s plans are much like they have always been, to oversee the coordination of foreign investors and development companies to install the necessary infrastructure that will eventually enable the processing and exploitation of natural resources for the betterment of the local community.  Through these types of long-term processes, the areas of countries which are resource rich but development poor are able to be brought to a level of basic functionality to install the mechanics of natural resource production and export.  From that point on, the wealth that is generated by the processing of naturally occurring resources allows the local population to naturally uplift itself through new access to wealth.  Once the population is economically viable, the process continues naturally, expanding the reach of the economic viability by bringing in more distant workers from neighboring areas.  Money is re-invested back into the community by the community, and a population is uplifted through the process.

The actual development of an area is nearly always tied to some resource which can be harvested and resold for a profit, and the speculative investment of outsiders into the veture.  Lord Neil Gibson acts as the catalyst for the process to move forward, by providing the vision and leadership necessary to not only see the future, but put the correct poepl a tthe table who can make it happen.

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