Lord Neil Gibson

Lord Neil Gibson

Kenya and Nairobi In Crisis: Lord Gibson On The Scene

Africa is an area known for a wide diversity gap with regards to not only income, but basic standards of life.  While there are extraordinarily wealthy areas there are also areas that are entrenched in poverty, with little to no access to the basic services that many of us would take for granted.  Kenya and Nairobi are two of these such areas, with little in regards to access to food, shelter and clean water.  Basic medical supplies are in short order, and UNICEF has identified these areas as critical with regards to intervention in order to save lives.  Along the Somalia boarder, ongoing civil and tribal wars have created an even larger level of devastation, and citizens are literally fighting for their lives each and every day.  In the past, Lord Gibson has utilized his creativity and access to resources to create solutions to not only humanitarian issues in Africa, but at the same time also create opportunities for the creation of self sufficient living through employment.  Gibson’s project to utilize re-purposed shipping containers as modular living spaces allowed potential workers to relocate closer to areas of opportunity, thus uplifting entire communities.

Gibson has now turned his sights on Kenya, Tanzania and Zambia, where humanitarian crisis situations have existed for many years.  More than 20 cases of cholera have been confirmed in these areas, and the potential for an epidemic is quite high.  Gibson has begun the process of self-guided humanitarian aid being brought directly to the people, avoiding the red tape and bureaucracy that sometimes hinders efforts.  Gibson has personally delivered supplies to residents including powdered milk, medical supplies and mosquito nets as of recently.  Humanitarian efforts continue, and if you wish to get involved contact Lord Neil Gibson directly.

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