Lord Neil Gibson

Lord Neil Gibson

A Bright 2018 For Gibson And Associates

As 2017 transitioned into 2018, we realize that it was a tumultuous year politically and economically for much of the world.  While some places thrived, others suffered challenges that seemed too great to overcome.  In Kenya, the refugee crisis grew far worse as the government began to discuss the possible closure of two refugee camps housing more than a half million people.  This would displace these people into the streets of the already overcrowded cities, taxing resources that are already in short supply.  Lord Gibson personally went to Kenya several times in 2017 on support and relief missions designed to deliver assistance in the form of medicine and supplies to the people of the region.  He plans on continuing his philanthropic work in 2018.  The year also saw major changes in the targeted areas for Gibson’s businesses and partnerships.  Shifting focus from the US and Europe to the Middle East, Gibson sees a bright future of opportunities.  The Middle East is a unique area filled with portions of the population that are underserved yet could be rich with only a few creative solutions and partnerships in place.  The untapped resources of the areas could make the people financially independent, yet at this point they have yet to be able to exploit these resources.  Gibson’s plans are to employ creative problem solving techniques to create opportunities within these areas.  He also plans on using the resources that are plentiful in Dubai in the form of invest-able capital to fund these expansions.  Dubai has a large population of wealthy individuals interested in investing in creative projects in the natural resources, alternative energy and development areas, and Gibson plans on marrying these investors with projects that can provide large returns while at the same time helping the underserved populations.  2018 is bright, and Lord Gibson is ready for the challenge.

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