Lord Neil Gibson

Lord Neil Gibson

The Answer To Why – Lord Neil Gibson In Dubai

Lord Neil Gibson

Lord Neil Gibson has had a long and storied career that blends business with philanthropy, attempting to make profits and social change at the same time. This unique perspective on the nature and point of business is a radical departure from the typical “cut throat” policies that most global businesses possess. While this could be seen as an un-necessary complication to the traditional method of business, Gibson finds the uplifting of those who have had little opportunity to be a focus worth keeping, and chooses to use his business activities to not only make profits, but also uplift these communities. If creative strategies can be used that will accomplish both goals, then Neil Gibson takes the challenge.

The processes of blending philanthropic ideas and business is relatively novel. Gibson’s process begins with the identification of areas throughout the globe that have exposure to natural resources or capital, yet who have not had the ability to progress to a level that would allow for the exploitation of these resources. In many cases, this issue is due to a lack of installed infrastructure that would be necessary in order to move the community past only basic modernization and to a point of industrialization that would support large scale mining, manufacturing and processing. Many areas that are rich in natural resources literally have them under the feet of the local population, but a lack of roads, bridges, housing, education or other essentials hinders the progress toward building the plants necessary to exploit the resource. This is the area where Lord Gibson uses his unique talents to bring together the necessary parties under a single plan and for a single purpose, each playing a vital role that leads to partial ownership of the wealth eventually created. By bridging the relationship gaps that exist between many localized governments and foreign investors, Gibson draws from his extensive network of partners to bring the necessary players to the table, offering eventual ownership stakes in the developed industries in exchange for early participation. Through this ownership structure, Gibson can lure the necessary players to the table to each play their part towards an eventual success.

The philanthropic areas of business that Gibson focuses on are in the creation of jobs, wealth and access to funding that is necessary to see projects through to completion. Communities are built through the new wealth that is injected as well as the ongoing labor of the community where there once was none. Participation in the process brings expendable wealth, which is then used to create additional participating businesses who serve the community.

Lord Neil Gibson’s interest in Dubai is in order to have access to the area’s greatest resource, capital. Development of areas surrounding the city has been slow in the past due to a lack of potential investment capital access by entrepreneurs. Gibson is busy putting the pieces in place within the local area in order to be a source of future funding of development projects which will provide countless livings to local populations. Lord Neil Gibson is in Dubai in order to make change, and profits for his investors and partners. Thus far, the future looks bright.

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